Another Fla. 'Stand Your Ground' case

Hadn't heard about this one. Anyway, here she goes:

Valrico, FL (CNN/WFLA/WTFS/WTSP) - Outrage over last month's shooting death of an unarmed teen in Florida has put a new focus on the state's "Stand Your Ground" law. The widow of a man shot dead in front of his daughter, says it is a free pass for murder.

When David James, an Iraq War veteran, escaped combat in the Middle East unscathed, his wife Kanina breathed a sigh of relief.

"I would worry about him but I thought he'd be safe here," she said.

Kanina was wrong; and now wants to know why Trevor Dooley, a 71-year-old retired bus driver, shot her husband in broad daylight, right front of their eight-year-old daughter. Dooley claims it was self defense. Kanina James calls it murder.

"What person brings a gun to a park when there's children? I mean, he killed my husband. He could've just talked to him," James said.


Iraq War veteran killed; widow says Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law is free pass for murder | (external - login to view)
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Well, based on witness testimony, the old man should go away for the duration: he wasn't threatened until he brought the gun into play, if he ever WAS threatened. His pulling the gun (or attempting to) seemed to escalate the entire situation, from verbal to physical. Hell, if someone brandished a weapon around my kid, I'd probably react too. It will be interesting to see any forensics and how they support either story.
Yes, "Stand Your Ground" may well be cover for murder.
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Before I got my (concealed carry) in Canada we call it "protected carry" permit for handgun I had to attend a 20hr course and pass a proficiency test, and that test is renewable every five years......and that was just for protection against four legged animals. That was also after having a carry license for target shooting for over 30 years before that.
There may be some good argument against this, but I figure, that in the states that permit concealed carry, such a course and following test should be prerequisite to obtaining the permit....and maybe it is in some states...

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