Delete Facebook Profile & Pay $100 Fine or Face Expulsion

Orthodox School Gives Students Ultimatum

Students at the Orthodox Beth Rivkah High School in Brooklyn, New York, have reportedly been given an ultimatum: Delete individual Facebook profiles and pay a $100 fine or face expulsion. Considering the negative elements that hold the potential to come as a result of using the social network, the school has apparently decided that the risks outweigh the benefits. This is specifically true when it comes to the potential for the girls to violate the Orthodox code of modesty.
Now, the all-girls school is doubling down on its stance against Facebook and its potential evils.


Students at all-girls Jewish school in Brooklyn face $100 fine for using Facebook - NY Daily News (external - login to view)

Beth Rivkah High School Bans Facebook & Fines Students | (external - login to view)

“It’s not a good street to be on. It’s not a modest place to be on. We don’t want them to get into trouble,” said Stock.

Is it kosher to lock your daughter in a modest basement?
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Which proves that religion is a much greater threat to society than technology.
Maybe they can force them to cover their faces while out in public, too.
bill barilko
No one cares.
Well then, that's definitive!
Looks like billy is another one of those people that think they speak for everybody else
Some of those ads on facebook I can see the risks

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