Ticket quota? Nah...

(WTNH) -- An eye-opening state police internal memorandum obtained by News 8 challenges state troopers in one barracks to out-perform their trooper colleagues by writing hundreds of tickets on Friday.
The memo, distributed at Troop I in Bethany and obtained exclusively by News 8, basically lays down the gauntlet and any driver on a state highway is fair game.


Email: Troopers plan ticket blitz | WTNH.com Connecticut (external - login to view)

I'm sure this only happens in CT.
Surprise, surprise.

Somewhere, in all government budgets, there is a line that indicates revenue from tickets and/or fines. Obviously somebody will be held responsible if budget targets are not met.
Sounds like a conspiracy theory.
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Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Basic accounting is a conspiracy theory.
We have a different way of dealing with cops in Alberta,sing em a song!

youtu.be/ejh9kmhP1w8 (external - login to view)

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