Man saws off foot to avoid work

Man cuts off foot in bid to avoid work (external - login to view)

An unemployed Austrian man who feared his jobless benefits would be cut off has sawn off his foot and thrown the remains in a furnace in a bid to render himself ineligible for work.

Hans Url, 56, was due to undergo a medical examination after job centre staff challenged his claim that he was too sick to work, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Url reportedly waited until his wife and son left his home in Mitterlabill, southern Austria, on Monday and placed his leg on a circular saw, severing it above the ankle.

Before calling an ambulance, Mr Url threw his foot in a furnace to eliminate any chance the appendage could be reattached.

And I thought I'd seen every angle!
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Now he is a foot shorter.
Obviously he is too sick to work
He still has a leg to stand on with his case.
Guess he needed a leg up.
Who's going to foot his medical bills?
he should have kept it, he might have to shove it in his mouth
lone wolf
Does he know anyone more than a few feet off the BC coast?

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