Televangelists Accused of Defrauding $50 Million from Trinity Broadcasting Network

Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch have faced plenty of mountains building their religious broadcast empire — among them allegations of a homosexual tryst and a prolonged battle with the Federal Communications Commission — but the most recent attack on the founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network comes from their own flesh and blood. Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, recently filed court papers that include allegations of $50 million in financial shenanigans at the world’s largest Christian broadcasting network. Her suit was followed by another from a Koper in-law, who detailed opulent spending at the network on items such as private jets, mansions in California, Tennessee and Florida and a $100,000 mobile home for Jan Crouch’s dogs.

The lawsuits came after Koper’s husband was accused by a debt collection company of embezzling more than $1 million from TBN. The debt collection company that filed the lawsuit later added the Crouches’ granddaughter and two of her in-laws as defendants.


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What?!? Unethical televangilists? Say it ain't so!
Religion is a ponzi scheme the more you pay the more you pray
Is there ever a limit placed on a no tax status? I start up a web-church and it cost $500K/yr total yet donations reach $50M does that mean that is all mine and tax-free? Where do I sign up? lol

You do sell something, especially the bookstore items that use the Bible as a theme of their profit generating business, a Church should get a % of that and have to declare it as 'working income' as they didn't write the original Bible. Weekly donations only keep you saved for one week, apparently as why would you pay again to be saved if you last payment still covered you? Do you really think a fallen angel is going to have problems deceiving this crowd?
Religion is a giant fraud perpetuated on the gullible anyway.
True religion requires the purchase of one book and setting aside some time to read and discuss it with others.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.

The rest is an industry and why would they ever want to eliminate even one of their customers? Now you need a Book, and a cross, and a membership and 10 books explaining the one book, and the list goes on. People are just as gullible to patriotism for a nation, respect for a person they think is honest but they are as crooked as can be, and the list goes on. People don't challenge the Priests for the same reason they don't protest a bad government, misplaced loyalty. In this day and age the only unchallenged power is that of fiat banking, any alternative would gather the support of the majority just because the current system is so bad, but they have almost unlimited power to pull strings that way the world's view on events. Deception being a major part in all of it, if the Church cleaned itself up they would then demand Politics do the same, they both like the current program where they get to endlessly blame each other and neither one makes any changes at all. That is one of the prophecies given, just because it exists now does not mean the end is closer, just one barrier has been lifter but still remains to actually be passed.

His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant,
they are all dumb dogs,
they cannot bark;
lying down, loving to slumber.
they are greedy dogs which can never have enough,
and they are shepherds that cannot understand:
they all look to their own way, every one for his gain,
from his quarter.
Come ye,
say they, I will fetch wine,
and we will fill ourselves with strong drink;
and to morrow shall be as this day,
and much more abundant.
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True religion requires the purchase of one book and setting aside some time to read and discuss it with others.

No, understanding requires that. Religion requires you to simply shut your brain off at the door.
No more than a soldier has to turn his brain off as soon as basic training starts. I totally agree with you that the ones in the pews should get more involved with the sermons being presented and the performance of the leaders in handling corruption within the upper levels in all the big churches. If need be put a piece of paper on the collection plate and the next weekly meeting all the questions are gone over first and then some Q&A to guide upcoming sermons, something along that line. If you have the web version of Church there would be 7 churches and in the churches are two rooms based on descriptions in Re:2 and 3. At some point the archive or the discussions should have a 'summary' that newbies may find helpful although the long road has all the same material just more peeking down other trails you encounter. The only difference is the extra time taken is saved later in understanding other stories.
I would think attendance to a web church would be done on any day, like the 'personal closet' suggested for prayer. 1/2 hour there would be the same amount of actual verses compared to a whole morning of one day of the week and it isn't always the joyous occasion that it should be if the rest of the week puts you at odds in the business or legal world, well okay it wouldn't bother Lawyers.

Nor is it going to be a small task to get the 3500 denominations to do the needed name changes. To be correct it would have to be a changeable sign as the sins varied from season to season or whatever, Sunday get the update of where the church for that week is meeting would be posted. No wonder the house of stones was done away with. However $alvation is only $50/mo at the Cyber Sanctuary where you get to choose if you have been naughty or nice (a legal disclaimer) by choosing which church to click on. Person confessions get you credits, listening in costs you some. Comments turned off in those rooms.
So it be spoke, so it be wrote, so it be done or some catchy logo, sorry icon, to be the base for the merchandise section that promotes 'the earth will inherit the meek (first)' and the ever popular "I either want less corruption or more chance to participate' line of goods for the sinful but still have some pride crowd.

And the ever popular, "Corner the Priests' and if your questions stump them you get to spank them in public. (that behind closed doors led to all sorts of problems last time). Obviously that is on pay-per-question and tickets are upfront and non redeemable for cash, only merchandise of certain lines in the "I got spanked by a holo priest, ...... and I had to pay for it"
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Bar Sinister
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What?!? Unethical televangilists? Say it ain't so!

Dead on. How about someone start a thread about a televangelist who is not guilty of fraud?
TV? Is that crap still on?
Religion in the wrong hands is a serious problem, religion itself is not necessarily so.
Jesus himself said beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. That was a message to be
aware of people like this. The real problem is this, the faithful have been dumbed
down. The churches use the old obedience rule. You have to learn obedience to Gods
will. Well not necessarily Gods will, but the will of the church.
Today we don't have religion we have the Jesus business and that is why it lacks serious
respect. Who are the main groups who love Jesus in a super way now a days?
Hmmm lets see, Mobsters in the first row, followed by lawyers, business people,, and
reformed criminals all have mail order preacher papers right? Oh and politicians.
Yes I am singling out certain perceptive groups, it is not perhaps true but its thought to be
true by many and that makes it so in society
First the church must be required to pay all the forms of taxes you and I pay. After that
all efforts to help at the street level could be deducted. However all the buildings, the prayer
tracts and other methods of collecting revenue for the Jesus business should be taxed at the
same rate as any other group in society.
These people should be exposed and punished for their crimes if they are guilty.
moral Christianity at work, again

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Dead on. How about someone start a thread about a televangelist who is not guilty of fraud?

Alas, those are hard to find.
For those who want to believe that is fine, I am not hostile to all but there is a line
to be drawn here, My problem is not with God it is with many of those who claim
to represent him as it were.
I believe Jesus did exist its just he was an anti government rebel and or a spy for
those who worked the underground movement against Rome. Jesus was a real
There most certainly is evil on this earth ,

And people are stupid enough to send them money..

Whenever I'd want a good laugh late at night, I turn on Peter Popoff he gets away with his sideshow con man routine on television I'll never know
grumpydigger I watch that too sometimes he is a nut case and they eat it up
con men are easy to spot when it comes to religion, its the Jesus smile you
can spot it a mile away. Oh don't put your hand on your wallet they will know
where it is.
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Dead on. How about someone start a thread about a televangelist who is not guilty of fraud?

Sure you find one and I'll start the thread. Good luck.
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