Air Canada Maintenance Firm Shuts Down Plants

Air Canada Maintenance Firm Shuts Down Plants

“Aveos Fleet Performance Inc., a private company that maintains many of Air Canada's aircraft, shut down its plants on Sunday, locking out at least 2,400 workers and telling them not to return to work.”

Since the federal labour minister can order private companies workers back to work I wonder if she can order companies back to work. She can cite safety concerns over the airplanes.

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I hope the company in CHINA that took their jobs is qualified,I'm glad I don't have any reason to fly.Leave it to steaver to back a looser like air canada.
What a shame.

Well, some in here have pounded the table saying they should be dealing more with China and India...

"The union, which represents aircraft machinists, mechanics, baggage handlers and ramp personnel, has feared for the future of Aveos after Air Canada moved to subcontract some of its work offshore."

... and there it is.

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