Palauan Chiefs Lead The Way To The Future

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Congratulations to traditional leaders for bringing to people's attention that this dangerous practise must come to an end (external - login to view)

Rubekul Belau says tobacco use ‘not part of culture’

By Aurea Gerundio-Dizon

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, March 15, 2012) – The Rubekul Belau (Palau Council of Chiefs) Wednesday marked an important event in the history of this country by declaring tobacco and tobacco products as illegal.

With the declaration, the chiefs also called upon all parents and general public to join all forces, efforts, campaigns and programs against tobacco.

They appealed to the business community to look for alternative merchandise to replace tobacco as source of revenue.

They also appealed to the president and the government of Palau to impose a moratorium on the issuance of business licenses to sell tobacco and tobacco products.

Tobacco-use has become a habit for many locals as they commonly add tobacco in the betel nut to chew.

But the chiefs said that the use of tobacco is not part of Palau’s cultures and traditions as it was just introduced by foreign occupying nations and their nationals.

They said that tobacco products should not be maintained as a part of Palau’s cultures and traditions.

The Ministry of Health has declared that tobacco-use is among the factors that causes non-communicable diseases. It causes serious health problems that lead to deaths.

The declaration disclosed that in a survey on the use of tobacco in Palau, 50.7 percent of the children here use tobacco either by smoking or chewing or both. The chiefs saw this as an alarming statistics.

"Our children are the most priced and important assets of our nation as they are the future caretakers and leaders of our society and nation and they must have good health to look after our society and run our nation. As parents, we owe it to our children to maintain their good health and provide a healthful environment for them to live and grow up," the chiefs said.

The chiefs appealed to the national government to take action to eliminate tobacco products here.

They said that the Constitution requires the national government to take positive action to attain certain national objectives and implement these national policies, including the promotion of health and social welfare of the citizens and the protection of the safety and security of persons and property.

As Palau ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the chiefs urged that Palau join all the nations around the world to work to eliminate the scourge and devastation of tobacco to ensure better and healthy world
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How about selling pot instead?

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