Red Bull Pulls Ad With Jesus Using His Own Name in Vain

& Faking Biblical Walk on Water

Energy-drink maker Red Bull said Wednesday it has dropped an advertisement in South Africa after an outcry from both Christians and Muslims for its portrayal of Jesus Christ walking on water.

South Africa's Roman Catholic bishops urged Christians not to drink Red Bull in traditional fasting for Lent ahead of Easter celebrations next month, stopping short of calling for a full commercial boycott.

The television cartoon implies Jesus walked on water because he had been invigorated by a miraculous energy drink and knew where there were hidden rocks to tread on.

South Africa's Muslim Judicial Council on Wednesday warned of consequences of "secular extremism" against any religious faith.

Red Bull Jesus - YouTube

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Criss Angel Walks on Water - YouTube

The Christians and the Muslims should get a life. Jesus himself would probably enjoyed the
coverage, who knows if he were here today he might have done the commercial himself. Is
there no humor left in the land? It is said if you are born a Catholic you are a Catholic there
fore I suppose I am still but I am not offended in the least.
Completely harmless. Of course I must confess I understand the Muslims being offended,
Christ is their second highest prophet and they don't think anything is funny unless its worthy
of being shot at.

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