A Contrast in Justice Systems - Canada and the US

Bar Sinister
Watching the CBS News tonight I was struck by a glaring difference between the US and Canadian justice systems. It involves two horrific crimes. A few forum members may recall the case of Katrina Effort who murdered her newborn baby by strangling it to death. In a similar case in Centralia, Washington Laura Hickey murdered her newborn by decapitating it. It is difficult to understand what would drive a young woman to brutally murder her newborn child, but just as difficult to understand is the contrasting reactions of the Canadian and American justice systems to the crime.

In Alberta, Katrina Effort received a three year suspended sentence. In Washington, Laura Hickey received a thirty year sentence. Since the crimes were so similar I found it astonishing that the sentences were so different. Anyone care to comment?

Centralia mother sentenced for decapitating newborn | www.kirotv.com (external - login to view)

Infanticide conviction nets Alberta woman suspended sentence - Edmonton - CBC News
Decapitating and strangling is similar???
Bar Sinister
[QUOTE=Liberalman;1550877] Apparently you missed the point. This is about two murders and the way two different justice systems dealt with them, not about the methodology of the murders.

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