Changes to immigration system will help bring in more skilled immigrants

I think he was a principal, got into some difficulty with his behaviour at school, was on leave or something, then went out for a walk one night and disappeared forever, something like that. As a result, the son (Steven's father) left town and moved to Toronto as soon as he could.
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I've worked with many skilled immigrants .....Lawyers..Accountants...Teachers.....Met them while we were all working in a factory for $11/hr...Man did we have some great conversations...Main one being how upset they were to be highly qualified...; working in a dead end job, unable to get ahead...let alone pay for rent/ food/ transportation...

It wasn't what they had expected...

Then it snowed..

--- Better times lay ahead -- I said..(.. could be worse ..)


Governments/Big Biz don't seem to be creating jobs people want..The Jobs that make the people, the things they want; but for some reason can't afford to buy anyway..So the gov. brings in more people ...promising them more...setting them up ...for what?..Failure?

Hard to sustain an acceptable 1st world standard of living when the standards by Government/Biz seem so lowly..

Here's hopin things get better...Heads Up!..Gotta keep movin' positively forward into the future...

Immigration has become something of a social program. I remember a Mexican girl telling me her family came to Canada, and her father, an experienced engineer, couldn't use his engineering education. It just gets pointless explaining the fed govt has one idea, and the provinces and provincially regulated professional associations have another. These prof. associations just shrug as numerous educated people enter the country. The rhetoric doesn't match the realtiy on the ground.

The right, or capital wants lots of immigration for cheap labour. The left just likes to have lots of people to help, "What do you advocate? What do you got". The right feels it owes its first duty to capital, because business feels like it is above politics and wants govt to get out of the way. The left feels like citizens of the world first, a global citizen, helping all humanity. The left sees Canadians as inherently racist and constantly needing correction because Canadians can't understand the noble higher causes they pursue.

Immigrants should get some notice that they are likely not to wildly succeed, but do okay. Better than you left from, but maybe not as good as you dreamed. And it snows, even in Vancouver-plus the rain. I hate giving out bad news.

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