Oil Rig Sinks Off Russia


Oil Rig Sinks Off Russia

www.nytimes.com/2011/12/19/wo...9-missing.html (external - login to view)

4 killed, 14 rescued as Russia drilling rig upturns off Sakhalin
4 killed, 14 rescued as Russia drilling rig upturns off Sakhalin: Voice of Russia (external - login to view)

Four dead, 49 missing as Russian oil rig sinks
rt.com/news/drilling-rig-overturns-okhotsk-073/ (external - login to view)

Drilling rig with 76 people on board overturns in Sea of Okhotsk | Russia | RIA Novosti (external - login to view)
Why would there be passengers on a drill rig that is being towed?
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Ive fished for salmon back like 4 yrs ago from off the shores of the town of okhutsk... Aside from that place being a ****hole.... The coho tasted really good there i hope this doesnt affect the salmon there... Or affect the ecomony cause that place needs money.....

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