G20 accused plead guilty


Six people accused of orchestrating the turmoil during last year's G20 summit in Toronto have pleaded guilty, part of an expected deal that will likely see charges against 11 others withdrawn.
The pleas were widely anticipated and sources close to the case told CBC News about the deal in advance of Tuesday's hearing.
Alex Hundert and Amanda Hiscocks have pleaded guilty to counselling mischief and counselling to obstruct police, while four others —Leah Henderson, Peter Hopperton, Erik Lankin, and Adam Lewis — pleaded guilty to one count each of counselling mischief.
Although there was no word yet on sentences, sources close to the case told CBC News the prosecution and defence were expected to agree on recommendations of six months for some to 20 months for others.


G20 accused plead guilty - Toronto - CBC News
This should give a woody to the law and order crowd.

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