Canadian servers hosting Syrian government, Hezbollah sites

Several websites belonging to the government of Syria, as well as media companies sympathetic to the Syrian government and the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, are currently being hosted on servers based in Canada, according to a new report from Canadian researchers at The Citizen Lab (external - login to view).

According to the report — entitled The Canadian Connection: An investigation of Syrian government and Hezbollah Web hosting in Canada – Websites belonging to the Syrian Ministries of Culture, Transport, Electricity and the Syrian patent office are currently being hosted by iWeb Technologies (external - login to view), a Montreal-based company, through a series of intermediary companies, one of which is called “Platinum Incorporated.”

Addounia TV, a Syrian television station which has been sanctioned in the past by both the Canadian government and the European Union for inciting violence against Syrian citizens, is also making use of Canadian Web servers owned by iWeb in Montreal.

Hezbollah, Syrian government websites hosted on Canadian servers: report | FP Tech Desk | Financial Post
No accompanying list for Mossad and the CIA?
And since when is the elected Government of a Nation called a terrorist organization? Hezbollah is even being asked (by the US) to pick up 51% of the costs of funding the STL. In a sane world, their costs should come from defending the members accused. Course if the US and UN insist on them paying and that also meaning having Judges on the bench it should not come as a surprise when things go well for the defendants.

They don't really seem to be taking any steps to hid who they are and why is hosting in Canada such a big deal if the US is also hosting and no big deal is being made about it down there. Also why not put you servers in a place that is not in danger of being bombed on any day of the week. Seems the US has the ability to shut down these sorts of sites when the mood suits them, just ask Libya.

"As for Addounia TV, the report states that the television network — which has been accused of inciting sectarian violence in Syria — has registered a pair of domains through Platinum Inc. The two sites — and — are hosted by iWeb Technologies, according to the report"

"Finally, the Citizen Lab also discovered that the Hezbollah media organization Al-Manar’s primary Website is being hosted in North America in a “round robin DNS configutation” by three providers: U.S. firms SoftLayer and Vault Networks, and iWeb Technologies."
Must be run out of al Qaeda's Ottawa embassy.
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Must be run out of al Qaeda's Ottawa embassy.

As in Libya's new 'US authorized' rulers?
One in the same.
If some concern is being shown at this 'invasion' why do we consistently ignore such things as this?
Activist Post: Another NATO Proxy War Begins, Rebels Attack Military Base in Syria (external - login to view)
"Meanwhile Turkey and Arab League nations met to consider more sanctions against Syria for "refusing to end the crackdown" against the violent rebels who have been consistently referred to as peaceful protesters by the Western media.

Syria has blamed much of the violence on foreign-backed terrorists, and evidence is mounting that proves their concerns valid.

Even before the August announcement that NATO was secretly arming these Syrian protesters (external - login to view), agents in Lebanon linked to the United States and Saudi Arabia were caught smuggling arms (external - login to view) to Syrian rebels.

Now with yesterday's military strike, it seems the situation in Syria can no longer be defined as the Assad regime "cracking down" on harmless discontents who once again seem to be a small minority of Syrian civilians.

In recent weeks, there have been massive rallies of tens-of-thousands (external - login to view)of government loyalists carrying photos of Assad and denouncing the rebels.

The wave of discontent in the Middle East and Northern Africa has allowed Western powers to assert influence that would have been difficult otherwise. The result has been regime change by civilian uprisings in nations like Tunisia and Egypt, and an eight-month NATO war in Libya to oust Gaddafi.

The West has followed the exact same blueprint for regime change in Syria as they did in Libya. First, they acknowledge support for the angry civilians. Then they impose crippling sanctions by executive order (external - login to view). Next, they arm the proxy army of rebels who are then coordinated by the foreign organizers like the un-named German spokesman referred to above. And if Libya is indeed the model, NATO airstrikes will be on the horizon.

The deja vu (external - login to view) in Syria is not without hypocrisy, as no reason has been given as to why popular protests in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and even the United States have been allowed to be crushed without hardly a peep from the Western media."

Syria has blamed much of the violence on foreign-backed terrorists, and
evidence is mounting that proves their concerns valid.

Panorama Syria Inside the Secret Revolution-BBC26-09-11 -

Why do I get the feeling that the part on the '100's of troops killed' will get the least amount of coverage?
How many 'law enforcements troops' would it take in the US before the 3,000 civilian deaths were surpassed? Just sayin .....
How about her next assignment be to interview refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq that have obtained sanctuary in Iran? Not going to hold my breath than anybody will ever do that report.
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Why do I get the feeling that the part on the '100's of troops killed' will get the least amount of coverage?

Because it doesn't suit the western political storyline.
Are we sheep or thinking people? Most likely a rhetorical question.
If I said baaaa would you take it as a sheep speaking or as a sound that denotes a falsehood is being rejected?

I don't recall any protests over these killings and the IDF seem to be protected by a fence


Israeli forces fire on Golan border protesters - YouTube

But they were armed with keys to their former homes that were bulldozed.
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Syria has blamed much of the violence on foreign-backed terrorists, and evidence is mounting that proves their concerns valid.

The irony...

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