The Torture Candidates

"As hard as it is to believe, the Republican candidates for president seem to have learned very little from the moral calamities of the administration of George W. Bush. Three of the contenders for the partyís nomination have now come out in favor of the torture known as waterboarding. Only two have said it is illegal, and the rest donít seem to have the backbone to even voice an opinion on the subject. "

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"If we truly believe ourselves to be exceptional, a model for all the world and an example for all of history, then why would we practice torture?

Thatís what waterboarding (external - login to view) is, and thatís why President Obama banned it ó rightly. When you pour water onto someone until he gasps for air and feels as if heís drowning, youíre not merely enhancing your interrogation. Youíre putting him through a hell as physical as it is psychological. Youíre torturing him, by any sane definition of the term."

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[SIZE="4"][/SIZEThe great thing about waterboarding and the three prisoners that it was used upon is that it worked. One man's torture is another's interrogation technique.
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[SIZE="4"]One man's torture is another's interrogation technique.

Wow, that's intelligent, Walter.

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