McDonald's bans employees from wearing poppies on the job, says it's for safety

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Okay - I stand corrected.

In this situation, I think safety could be an issue. Suing MacDonald's could also be another issue. I cannot see anyone very thrilled about finding a poppy, the centre of a poppy and particularly the pin from the poppy in their food. I posted the story as a matter of interest. Not because I was for or against it. I can see how some employees would want to wear them though and I think that as long as they are secured properly, there isn't any reason they cannot wear them. Pleating the pin through the clothing is a tad better than just hitting two holes with it also.

You make a good point, but I'm wondering if people who eat at McDonalds are really all that concerned about their safety in the first place!
If they want to think about Public Safety how about they ditch all the crummy food they serve.

I don't care if McDonalds employees wear a poppy or not. I don't take my cue on Remembrance from a bunch pimply faced paper hat wearing burger flippers.

I will be at the cenotaph tomorrow.

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