Doctor Guy Turcotte, who killed his son and daughter, wants to have more children

Doctor Guy Turcotte, who killed his son and daughter, wants to have more children | News | National Post

MONTREAL — A doctor who confessed to stabbing his two young children to death in 2009, but was found by a jury to be not criminally responsible for his acts because of his mental state, wants to have more children.

A psychiatrist testifying Friday, before Dr. Guy Turcotte’s mental health review board — convened to determine whether he poses a risk to the public if released from Montreal’s Pinel Institute — says neither Turcotte nor his doctors can make sense of what happened when he stabbed his two young children to death in February 2009, shortly after his marriage fell apart.

The long-awaited hearing was told Turcotte also wants to get back to work as a cardiologist, and can see himself falling in love again, but will probably move to another province.

Everything is now as it was before he killed his children, said Dr. Pierre Rochette — no one can predict what will happen.

Rochette is recommending Turcotte stay at Pinel for the next year.

Turcotte is someone who falls in love easily, and he has received letters from female admirers. Rochette said he worried another dangerous situation could arise.

Turcotte was found by a jury to be not criminally responsible for his acts because of his mental state.

The trial, which featured 10 weeks of heart-wrenching testimony at the St. Jerome, Que., courthouse, ended July 5 when a jury of 11 people came to the unanimous decision not to convict Turcotte, but rather send him to the Pinel Institute psychiatric treatment.

Normally a mental-health review panel of three professionals is given the mandate to determine the degree of danger that an inmate represents for society and whether he or she can be released from the psychiatric hospital.

Given the complexity of Turcotte’s case, the panel was expanded to include five people: two lawyers, Medard Saucier and Lucien Leblanc; two psychiatrists, Georges Painchaud and Chantal Caron; and a social worker, Joseph Anglade.

The panel can release Turcotte with conditions, release him without conditions or order that he stay at Pinel indefinitely.

If either of the last two options is chosen, it will be reviewed annually by the board.

Lawyer Jean-Claude Hebert, spokesman for the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec on the case, said the panel “will take the whole file into consideration — the police investigation, the elements of proof produced at the trial, the opinions of all the experts, all the other proof from the trial.”

Isabelle Gaston, Turcotte’s ex-wife and the mother of the slain children, could also present a victim-impact statement.

The panel could take weeks, if not months, to reach a decision on Turcotte’s ability to rejoin society.

In the meantime, the Crown has sought leave to appeal the verdict in Turcotte’s trial, because it says Justice Marc David erred in his instructions to the jury and may have unduly influenced jury members to find Turcotte not guilty by reason of mental disorder.

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Creepy. I don't think he should be allowed to practice medicine and he should be made sterile so he cannot reproduce. I wouldn't want him operating on me. What if he has one of his "moments" right in the middle of the surgery????
He should be kept institutionalized. He killed his kids. Duh.
That is the problem with the 'justice' system. Not guilty by reason of insanity is B.S. Not responsible should be more like it. But if he did it, he should be sentenced to life in the loonie bin never to be released.

But this ******* and the crazy ******* who beheaded the poor kid on the bus in Manitoba and ate his nuts will likely be free to roam the streets and kill more people. That is not justice.
He should be sterilized. He does not deserve to have any more children. What happens the next time he wants to punish the mother of those children? He should also be locked up for the rest of his life, as he is a child-murdering piece of crap.
1. This guy and others like him should never see freedom again. Whether there is legitimacy or not to 'not guilty by reason of mental defect or disorder' (a term by the way which, as I understand it, has significantly different legal vs medical definitions) there is still an established history of him being a danger to others. Period, end of story.

2. He wants to resume work as a Cardiologist? Excuse me, but how has this guy not had his licensed pulled? Were his actions not at minimum an extreme violation of the hippocratic oath? First, do no harm, or words to that effect.

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