Babysitter who imposed lesbian relationship on 14-year-old sentenced to four years in prison

EDMONTON — An Edmonton woman who seduced a 14-year-old girl she was babysitting was sentenced Monday to four years in prison.
Nicki Ann Gilbey, 30, pleaded guilty to sexual interference for the relationship she fostered with the young girl.
The court heard that Gilbey and the girl and her stepmother lived in the same Edmonton townhouse complex in February 2009. Despite the age difference, the girl and Gilbey hung out, watching television or playing video games.

The girl’s stepmother had made a point of discussing with Gilbey that the girl was impressionable and “had difficulties saying no to people,” according to an agreed statement of facts.
Gilbey babysat the girl from about 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Gilbey would put her arm around the girl sometimes, often sleeping on the floor of her bedroom while babysitting.

One evening, Gilbey was kissing the girl when she woke up.
Gilbey eventually asked the girl to be her girlfriend. The teen said yes. Court has heard Gilbey instructed the girl not to tell her parents about the relationship.
On a number of evenings when she was babysitting, Gilbey would touch the girl’s crotch and encouraged her to reciprocate.

“These weren’t spontaneous acts,” said Crown prosecutor Tania Holland. “They were planned actions against a vulnerable child. This was no an isolated incident. This happened a number of times.”
On Canada Day 2009, Gilbey hung out with the teen and her friends, supplying them with drugs and alcohol. Gilbey took the intoxicated girl to her bedroom and performed oral sex on her.

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