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I'm not one to deny that people suck: thats why I love animals.
I see a difference in the case of this little girl in China and the driver in the accident by Grande Prairie. The kid in GP (and yes although legally and adult, I am old enough that think of 21 yr olds as kids) fled the scene to try and avoid repercussions of his actions, namely the punishment for impaired driving. This is a pretty common response in hit and runs: panic and seeking to avoid punishment. Conversely the Chinese driver didn't appear to fear the repercussions of his actions as much as he feared the financial liability of leaving the girl alive, hence the deliberate running over with the other wheel. I think both are character flaws, and reprehensible, but they are not on the same level.
That bystanders in the Chinese case, refused to act, and then justified their actions by berating and accusing a woman who tried to get help for the girl of acting in the hope of financial gain, just adds to the ugliness. Again apathy is all too common in North America too (we've all seen the cases of people left laying on our city streets at various times), but this again hits a new level when its not just a case of not wanting to get involved but actively disuading others from getting involved.
We're not angels by any means, but this case in China is well beyond what we see here.

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Financial? Ever heard about what it's like in a Chinese prison work camp?