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Lowering the BOC is going to help how? Tell me what the average BOC is when deaths are involved. Is it down around the .08 or considerably higher?

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Both can act - Criminal Code is a fed area. Driver suspensions are a prov area.

answer the above query. If the blood alcohol levels of those convicted of causing deaths is consistently higher than the minimum, then lowering it will not make a difference.
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As I have mentioned time and again - look at the rules in BC. Have a read, do your thinking then we can discuss. Note BC's actions worked.

B.CX.s new law was more or less tossed out in BC supreme court recently. Mainly because it made the Police judge jury and executioner with no recourse to the courts. Had to do with the validity of the roadside screening devices. Not sure what is going to happen now.
Listen, I have had a brother killed by a drunk driver and a Grandson injured for life
by a drunk. I don't think lowering the BOC to .04 is going to do anything .05 is not
drunk it is in some cases on the boarder of being slowed down but not impaired
the .05 is window dressing in that people believe there is a solution.
In the old days when .08 came in people kept on driving drunk until the message
got out to most. .08 was reasonable it was based on science one can measure.

By contrast .05 is not based on science its based on public acceptance and people
eat it up thinking it positive and it is for reasons of fine and court fine collection. The
real problem is still not being addressed. All those afraid of the consequences are
the ones who won't drive at .05, good you say? Not really it prevents them from
taking a chance while the guy and gals who are not listening the .08 people and
higher continue to drive and continue to get caught like some revolving door. In fact
even if you take their licence they still find a way to drive, either without a licence or
without insurance.

We have to go after those who are really drunk and stop this nonsense of going after
the easy catch some guy who has had a beer on the way home or people going out
for a social drink or two over time in an evening. We are still not doing anything about
the serious drunks that don't learn. If you think zero four is going to stop deaths on
the highway you are wrong. These kids were likely long past the .04 or .05 for that
matter. They were the ones who were really drunk likely and being that high on the
scale didn't stop them from driving either.

Why am I not in favour of .04? We have to have a law that is credible and will be
observed by the population at large that makes it acceptable and adhered to. If you
lower something for artificial purposes or to appear to be doing something it loses its
effect. I have several grand kids who don't like .05 but they are willing to give it the
respect it has, lower it any more and people start saying to heck with this.

I have had first hand knowledge of the drunk driving and even the consequences of
death visit our family and I tell you a .04 law would start to be counter productive.

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