Both coasts get shipbuilding deal

Just sayin'...don't keep all your hens in one coop.
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These are unionized trades people, so I'm doubting the pay would be
much less, and those living/working away from home are paying a
rent/mortgage at home....and a rent where they're working, along
with utility bills, etc...

That's kind of my point. Even if they come home to a slightly lesser paying job, it will all probably work out to much the same with the benefit of being home with the family.

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The attached charts indicate close to the opposite....................................
Labour Market Forecast (external - login to view)

I don't know when those charts were made. I do know it's been on the news and in our papers for weeks now. I'm sure Kreskin and Taxslave have heard the same news as I have.
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Last I heard that is a river!

Check a map.
Jobs Comin' Out Of Our *** (Halifax Wins $25B Shipbuilding Contract) - YouTube (external - login to view)
Book 'em for the half-time show in Detroit.
"Jobs Comin' Out of Our ***" by the "Canadian Beaver Band".

I like it.Lol
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"Jobs Comin' Out of Our ***" by the "Canadian Beaver Band".

I like it.Lol

Hey we have something in common...

I like Beaver and *** too....
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I like Beaver and *** too....

Really? Never would have guessed that about you.

Lol, I thought it was just too cute to pass up.
Ron in Regina
Anyway, coming out'a their ****'s in Halifax, and more to be
had in Vancouver through the same agreement. Again, this will leave a
real labour/skilled trades shortage in Alberta & Saskatchewan. This will
be a real crunch out here, and bodies will be needed in a real hurry.

Anyone have any idea's as to where more people for the Saskatchewan
& Alberta job markets can come from? Me....I can't work anymore than
I already am, as if I stated just how many hours a month I put in already,
it would sound like fiction. I currently work about 6 weeks a month, and
still take my weekends & stat-holidays off most of the time so I don't burn
out. I can't work any more than I already do.

Saskatchewan currently has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

Saskatchewan continues to lead nation with lowest unemployment rate (external - login to view)

I'm still confused that it's as high (the unemployment rate) as it is in this
province also. There is work here for others that's either skilled or willing
on top of those already out here that aren't working for whatever reasons.
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I think you're right Ron, the oil and gas sector will be looking at low rates of retention. Thirty years of good work at home? Hard to say no to that. I guess we'll have to get accustomed to those Albertans whining about someone else now.

We don't whine about the Maritimers that come here. We whine about the Maritimers that stay home and whine because they don't have jobs.

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