Strict language rules for immigrants proposed

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When I started a business a few years ago, I went to downtown Vancouver and the man at the counter of the govt business centre was from China and could not speak proper English to me. I was wasting time and money and pissed off. The govt is sometimes goes too far to accomodate non-English speakers. I think it makes the govt feel "global". Which is done at the public's expense. It is so much BS.

That's why we said he should KNOW English, for when he must use it. However, when speaking to a friend, in private or public, that's his business.
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It' not my fault you don't have the ability to understand it yourself.


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Hmm - maybe you're right.

apparently not.

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Judging from what Tenpenny wrote, I'm not the only one noticing how the story has changed, it might be in your interest to quit trying to wiggle out of this, you're not helping yourself

Nope, you Ten and I, all see the same thing.

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Walk like me talk like me think like me.

I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book 1967 - YouTube


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