The federal govt should be spening more, not less on space exploration. This business is the future. Canada should push for a Moon base, the Moon has water and helium-3, this could provide a launching point to further explore the solar system. It's time the human race acted like a space faring civilization and start expanding into the universe.

Commercial Space Industry Group Criticizes Federal Budget - SpaceRef Canada

Commercial Space Industry Group Criticizes Federal Budget
  • By Marc Boucher (external - login to view)
  • Posted March 23, 2011 6:12 PM

The Canadian Space Commerce Association has criticized the Conservative budget plan to perform a review of Canada's aerospace and policy programs saying the plans "are not optimal for the requirement of the Canadian space systems sector."

The industry group is concerned that the space systems sector will be lumped in with the larger aero, as in aerospace industry sector. In particular they believe that any review if the aerospace sector could be dominated in part by discussions of the F-35 fighter plane procurement.

They also note that new policy plans put forward by the Canadian Space Agency and the Department of Defence already exist after consultation with stakeholders and believe these existing plans should be implemented. Moreover because the space systems sector has little overlap with the "aero" portion of the aerospace sector they believe the two should not be lumped together as it does them both a disservice and that should be treated separately if a review is conducted.