If this is verified as True...

Wow! No exageration here. Just wow.


The speed of light is broken! CERN has just measured subatomic particles traveling at faster than the speed of light (external - login to view)!

Law-breaking particle at CERN exceeds the speed of light - ComPost - The Washington Post (external - login to view)

I could have done without some of the author's (weak) sarcasm but the gist is incredible in and of itself.

Mass Effect Galactic Exploration - YouTube

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Bar Sinister
Yep - one small step for Man one giant leap to Warp Drive.
Ocean Breeze
Postively incredible. with this new knowledge ( if proven and verified ) shakes the underpinnings of our current Physics teachings.

Needless to say........it is PROFOUND..

Saw this item discussed on BBC.....in a pragmatic manner , and yet a certain awe , due to the fact it could be the precipice for a whole lot of new thinking .........and learning.

So nice to see that scientific research and progress is going on somewhere on the planet. that is where the future is.

....Spend half my Time in Space( no gravity )...But who's measuring.?.

Cool Article ..Anything is possible ..More Probable once we set our minds to it ...

....Guess we have to increase the speed of light then eh?Looks like someone made a mistake..101(lol)

----------------excess run off------------------------------------

No free Energy !....You all now must pay for all the Extra Kenetic Energy you have used on this thread.(Any ideas on how much to charge.?(+ $ 300.00 deposit ?.)No Free Energy ..)

Everything is Energy and Information ..The rest ..Recyclable Waste...

Inside the lines ,around and about ,On or Off?..If the Lights go out.Or are too Bright ,Who can see, to say, correctly ?




Waste run off ...

Over and outta here.

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Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by LocutusView Post

Not quite, the stick's not infinitely rigid. The current explanation is that a compression wave started by pushing on one end of the stick travels along it at less than light speed, the guy at the other end won't feel the poke until it gets there. Actually I think it'd probably go at the speed of sound in whatever material the stick's made of, but I'd have to do a little research to verify that.
It's not so much Wiggling the stick, as much as tapping it on the end ..(faster than the speed of light)...Get better results if the sticks rigid...
There are a number of things that go faster than the speed of light.
Bad news -
Gossip -
Just 2 that move faster.
It's all relative to the space and time in which the observer resides....but ultimately nothing can go faster than the first light ...Simply because it is still speculative what that first spark really was/consisted of...I do know that light can be trapped...stopped... manipulated in many ways...Depends on Scale/Observation/Perspective/Time/Space.Intensity of gravity - Particle or wave.?..Quantuum or relativity?...

Ultimately though (relatively speaking) ..Nothing goes faster than the speed of light simply because there is nothing, only darkness without light intensity/compression ...Dark Energy/Dark Matter.?..
All depends on the Physics/Science you believe ...

Looks like cerns crashing and smashing things together again , looking for that ever illusive Higgs(God) particle...

Large Hadron Collider sets world record beam intensity (external - login to view)

LHC plans extra year for Higgs hunt : Nature News (external - login to view)

God particle, the Higgs boson, could be found in 2012 - CSMonitor.com (external - login to view)

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71bronco71 - " So if your car is traveling at the speed of light,
You turn on your headlights,
What happens?

They travel twice the speed of light?"

Best answer was-
Southern K5 " That's the plane on a conveyor belt, to a whole new level "

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Hmm? Wonder what happens if you crash two particles together, at the speed of light? ...Big Bang!..Black Hole?...

Colliding Nuclei at High Energy - YouTube

Wonder what happens if you crash two mosquitoes travelling at the speed of light together ?


What Happens if you send something travelling at the speed of light into a Black hole ?...

You get a BIG BANG BABY !..lol ....
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