Tres fail


COVINGTON, Ga. (AP) - Authorities in Georgia say three young intruders broke into a home, washed a dog in the bathroom, used a toothbrush and ate some birthday cake in the kitchen before leaving behind a key piece of evidence: pictures of themselves on the homeowner's camera.
WSB-TV in Atlanta reports that Roderick Ward says he was gone for 10 days and became suspicious after returning home to find his air conditioner running and his back doors unlocked.
Ward found a camera that had been left behind and on it were photos of two teenagers and a younger child. Newton County authorities identified the youths and contacted their parents. Two other cameras and Ward's spare house keys were returned and the parents apologized. Ward says he does not plan to press charges.

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Well on the bright side at least these parents do not have to worry that their kids might become career criminals. So that's one good thing right?

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