They withdrew the motion on pensions, but it is an example of the NDP pandering to the immigrant vote. Come to Canada and we will give you plenty of goodies right away, no ten year wait like there is now. An example of how the NDP is still using training wheels in opposition. This pension proposal would have added at least $500 million to the deficit each year. Likely less for the rest of us who have worked our whole life in Canada and are not rich.

I'm sure many of the NDPers like other Canadians do yoga and like zen stuff, they like Asian ideas. Makes me think. Having lived in Asia for a while, Asians feel all white people are rich. Maybe the NDP feels Asian or black, like they are on the outside of society and want to get the money from rich white people.

By bringing in more Asian seniors, you recreate little Asian villages in Canada as the grandparents will most likely speak their Asian language to their grandchildren in the house and their culture group. This impedes assimilation (which is not genocide) of them to become Canadians. Plus with the internet and jet travel they can keep their old world alive decades longer than earlier immigrants could.

NDP throws out MP's motion on federal pensions | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

NDP throws out MP's motion on federal pensions

By Daniel Proussalidis ,Parliamentary Bureau First posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 06:18 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The federal NDP has moved quickly to sweep a controversial motion by one of its possible leadership contenders out of the public eye.

Vancouver MP Libby Davies tabled a motion in the House of Commons in June calling for the elimination of the 10-year residency period to qualify for Old Age Security (OAS) benefits.

That would've opened up the program to new immigrants who'd barely contributed to the program through their taxes.
One day after a QMI Agency report, NDP pension critic Wayne Marston confirmed it would be withdrawn because Davies introduced it "in error."

"How the whole thing has occurred seems to be off track," Marston said.

He suggested Davies' office was confused about reviving private member's bills sponsored by MPs defeated in May's federal election.
Former Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla had introduced a bill in 2009 to reduce the residency period from 10 years to three to qualify for OAS.

While the NDP supported that failed bill, Marston says things are different now.

"There's nothing in the works at this point to do this at all," he explained.

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro still slammed the NDP.

"This is a clear example that the NDP is not fit to govern," he said in Toronto.