Advocating Military Cuts a Hard Sell

Why report advocating massive military cuts will be ‘a hard sell’

A major report that advocates streamlining the Canadian military by chopping headquarters staff sits in limbo, awaiting a champion to drive its recommendations home.

But with its author, Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, leaving the military next month, that report’s future is very much in doubt. On Aug. 3, Lt.-Gen. Leslie submitted his resignation to Gen. Walter Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff.

“My military duty is complete,” wrote the former head of the army. He and his wife are currently on vacation in the Aegean. “On our return I have been invited to join a great Canadian corporation in the private sector,” Lt.-Gen. Leslie said in his letter.

He could not be reached for comment.

As Chief of Transformation, Lt.-Gen. Leslie was tasked by the Harper government with figuring out how the Canadian Forces could save money and prepare for future missions, even as it sought to replace aging air and naval fleets and as the government pushed for savings in order to eliminate the deficit.

He concluded the military could save $1-billion a year by trimming or redeploying 11,000 civilian, regular military and reserve personnel, mostly at National Defence headquarters.

But the report also contains dozens of complex recommendations that aim to streamline and merge operations. Sources who are not authorized to speak on behalf of the military say the document has received a cool reception from the senior ranks at the Canadian Forces and National Defence.

Alan Williams is a former assistant deputy minister of defence who created controversy when he testified last year that the government was wrong to proceed with the acquisition of a fleet of F-35 fighter jets without a competitive bidding process. He examined the report, which has been obtained by The Globe and Mail, Friday.

Its recommendations are “going to be a hard sell” within both the military and the government, he said. “There is always a tendency to status quo.”

Without a “champion,” as he put it, to push for the reforms, Mr. Williams predicted Lt.-Gen. Leslie’s report will join a long list of proposals to reform the military that have been quietly shelved.

“This will only get done if someone very senior says: Make it happen,” he added.

Is there a champion within the government itself? Defence Minister Peter MacKay was not available for comment. The minister’s spokesman, Jay Paxton, was non-committal. “This government will use this report, and other tools, to better focus resources” and to meet the government’s deficit-reduction goals, he said.

As for Lt.-Gen. Leslie’s claim that defence headquarters had become overloaded with civilians and needed to be trimmed, Mr. Paxton said that the civilian side at National Defence had grown during the Afghan war to free up military personnel for front-line duties. But just as “Canadians are tightening their belts” in difficult times, so too must all departments of government, including National Defence, he added.

Why report advocating massive military cuts will be ‘a hard sell’ - The Globe and Mail
So long as the military is able to screen for people like Russell Williams, I'm okay with pushing civilians out of senior military positions.
[QUOTE=mentalfloss;1464697]Why report advocating massive military cuts will be Ďa hard sellí

If we stay out of operations like Afghanistan, and Libya it should be easy!
Advocating any cuts is a hard the people who may be on the chopping block.
Quote: Originally Posted by AriadneView Post

So long as the military is able to screen for people like Russell Williams, I'm okay with pushing civilians out of senior military positions.

How in the name of God could the military have screened for Russell Williams?

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If we stay out of operations like Afghanistan, and Libya it should be easy!


Even before we were in Afghanistan our military was ill prepared for Haiti relief and the FY.

And farewell to Lt General Leslie.
My short experience working for the alarmed farces proved that there is much waste and significant savings could easily be made just by cutting off the top and all the pencil pushers at DND. Incompetence X10. There are also many in the ranks that are no different than any other government worker. Just putting in time. Cut the waste and there would be money for current century equipment.
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My short experience working for the alarmed farces proved that there is much waste and significant savings could easily be made just by cutting off the top and all the pencil pushers at DND. Incompetence X10. There are also many in the ranks that are no different than any other government worker. Just putting in time. Cut the waste and there would be money for current century equipment.

Alarmed forces?
  1. What exactly is your beef with the military?
  2. Did something happen that put this chip on your shoulder?
  3. Are you a former government employee?
Even when you trim the fat off of bacon it's still really damn tasty and is far less likely to choke vital arteries.
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Even when you trim the fat off of bacon it's still really damn tasty and is far less likely to choke vital arteries.

Naw.............still got all that salt which will do a number on yer arteries. The fat that needs to be trimmed is the fat demanding the trimming, and therefore unlikely to be trimmed. Then there's the salt the fat puts there to **** you up even if you do manage to trim the fat. Which you won't.

Sound like a game?
I'm actually happy the Conservatives have in fact entertained the idea of reducing military spending. When a party is prepared to cut spending even on its own sacred cows, it shows how serious they are about balancing the books.

My local MP will still have to fight for my vote next election, but this will likely win some Conservaties in some ridings some votes at least.
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Anyone remember when that idiot Chretien forgave Brazil its $12 billion debt to Canada, in effect saying "that's okay, Brazil, Canadian taxpayers don't mind paying your debt for you"? And I was, like, "No, you idiot! Forgive them the interest, NOT the principal!" We have idiots representing us through ill-conceived good intentions (the path to Hell), and non-elected idiots administering budgets and making the spending look good on paper. (be assured, Hell is just around the bend) It's only part of the reason why democracy is the worst form of government (except for all the others).

Yes, DND could cut lots in the way your money is spent (read: wasted). But before we put half the public service (because the waste isn't just in DND - it's systemic: municipal, provincial, federal) out of a job, we need to give this idea a serious look:

It's always bothered me that in this country there is a tax incentive to give to a political party ($75 rebate on the first $100 donated to any political party) - not that I begrudge this incentive; I understand that true democracy is a very frail patient and needs all the transfusions it can get, lest it go the way of the dodo bird - but when you donate to charity you would get a measly $15 back on a $100 donation. Democracy no doubt could use the help, but most certainly human caring, kindness and compassion could also use a good booster shot in the arm in this world of drawn lines and double-dog-dare-yas. Goodness will perpetuate goodness; mean-spiritedness can never do this.

For the none-too-altruistic need to look good before the world stage, and for the accolades their useful idiots will dote upon them for doing so, Canada's politicians have been all too eager to give away your money at your unborn grandchildren's expense, while overpaid bureaucrats, more concerned with how good it looks on paper than with the thought of whether it's being wisely spent, blindly mete out the insanity, in dollars and not much sense.

My idea is for the people and businesses (the taxpayers) to direct where the government spends our aid money through their donations rather than these bureaucrats of dubious diligence in their blow-the-budget exercises. Abolish every government office and ministry whose sole purpose is to hand out your money to whichever special interest group of the month. If they're any good at all then they'll likely find themselves employed in a proper business that makes money and generates taxes. If they aren't then they can contribute (as it would behoove even the poor to give to charity) and benefit from Canada's only real social safety net (the one we have known to date was unreal, suckling at the dehydrated teat of an already depleted future): the good nature and charitability of its citizens.

Put democracy and charity on a level playing field. The premise being, this nation's and the world's problems will be solved a lot sooner through charity than they ever will be through partisan politics.

I'm not sure how it works in the States for tax breaks for political and charitable donations, but it would be good if they either led the way or followed suit on this notion. And I've felt in my heart through years and years of different governments, Libs and Cons, that what the country has needed to do all along is DECLARE WAR ON GOVERNMENT DEBT which I thought was something the military at least should be able to wrap their minds around. By doing this it would make clear to everyone that this is for the SURVIVAL OF THE NATION and the GENUINE GOAL OF THE ULTIMATE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE to live in a viable country. (yeah, thanks Trudeau, for getting that debt ball rolling) Jeezes if we had no debt look at all the billions in interest it's costing us today that could have been there right now for a real social safety net. Future generations will happily build a mountain of garbage in his name. What an *******. True, every prime minister since had to keep the debt ball rolling (another foible of democracy: give the stupid people what they want: defer all hardship to the future so no one has to suffer today. got your vote, no doubt) And of course when we're at war you are either with us or against us; let the allegiances fall where they will. But ideally we should all find ourselves on the side protecting the defenceless future generations.

Can we please just stop the madness? Forgive us the interest? Make it a law or something? Hell, if society is going to devolve to such a sad state anyways, why don't we as nations tell our governments that we're fed up and not going to take it anymore? If we have to hurt then everyone should hurt a bit. Is it really better to let the whole world crash than to impose a maximum interest rate of 1% until 90% of the world's nations are within 20 years of paying off their national debts? And if any ex-bureaucrats or small-time capitalists should find themselves in need of a tax-payer directed charitable hand-out, can we not offer it gladly with a smile? We so need to heal our sad sick society.

It really needs to be in our national constitutions to outlaw deficit governments so that the whiny electorate (as is their wont) doesn't try to make governments spend foolishly for their votes. The only things a government should be able to draw a deficit on are natural disasters and war (defending not attacking).

A 5 year moratorium on all classes of immigration to give our major urban centers time to develop long-term (100 year) plans on how to deal with exponential increases in garbage produced. The REAL BIG LIE disseminates from the top of the pyramid scheme where they continue to tell us that if we don't immigrate these huge numbers of people then there will be no pensions for us to enjoy. I think that's one major crock of shyte they're handing us, with economists and financial wizards, from the same school of economics and administration that got us into this woeful mess, backing it up. First off on this madness I have to say, HELLO??? OUR PENSIONS ARE ALREADY BEING THREATENED!!! (thank you Paul Martin: another name for a garbage mountain)(You remember Paul, don't you? Canada's #1 TAX EVADER? while Cretin's finance minister he made all the cuts to the provinces that you blamed Mike Harris for answering? yeah, that one) But secondly I have to ask, HOW THE HELL DID HUMANITY EVER SURVIVE FOR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS WITHOUT PENSIONS??? (Charity, people. Be good to your kids and maybe they'll want to look after you when you're old) Fvcking manipulators.

And forget Kyoto. Curb GHG emissions while importing upwards of a thousand people a day, who will almost every one want to live in a heated home and have the right to own a vehicle or two just like every citizen is allowed to do? - are you nuts! I actually think the Green Party might have won a few more seats if they'd have only come out of the closet on immigration. Meanwhile the stupid government is asking us all to conserve energy so they can continue to back-fill the bottomless pyramid scheme. Not me. I'm using all the power I want to just to prove the point, and anyone else who thinks the way we immigrate by the thousands/week is insane should follow suit. Crank those air conditioners and keep your places well lit at night. I'm all for no more nukes and plenty of brown-outs, and you should be too.

Of course The Green Party could never take a stand on immigration because they're spineless and worry about the usual list of idiots who will most certainly label them racist for it. But we know that isn't so, don't we? I mean what the hell does common sense in governing have to do with racism? Is it only because, yes, of course there are racists who will flock to support them? ...but they'd better have the sense to keep their bullsh*t to themselves because they will not be tolerated. Common Sense does not need Racism's vote - period. I would not advocate anyone who is already a law-abiding Canadian citizen and not a war criminal ever be given the heave-ho. But I do think it should be in the interest of every citizen of every race to ensure a viable country for their descendants to grow up in. That's NOT racism. But Trudeau's notion of opening the floodgates indiscriminately, even to those who would discriminate, is the epitome of arrogance; that white man should take this land from its indigenous people and hand it carte blanche to the whole goddamn world. Remember his arrogance? How he remarked that one day Canadians might wake up to find their ship-of-state might not be headed in the direction they had thought? Thanks again, Pierre. I look forward to pissing on the mountain erected in your name. Instead our spineless governments ever since have been more worried about possibly offending those who weren't even Canadians yet, than to pointedly demand of them that they not bring their own brand of racism and intolerance with them, that they not bring their third-world problems with them, that they not be an enemy to any one of our allied nations or they are OUR enemy. But NOOOOO, we don't want to hurt their feelings. So as a result Canada can now proudly proclaim that it is home to racists of every colour. nice. and therefor will never see an end to racism. And another winning result is that the once pride-inspiring longest undefended border in the world is coming to a rapid close. How can I thank Pierre enough? oh yeah, piss on his mountain. I hope it becomes a Canadian tradition of future generations. Our mecca. "Did you go piss on the mountain?" will be the patriotic interrogative.

But checking immigration is a non-racist imperative, and to prove it, and since our own democracy, i.e., bureaucrats and politicians have made such a mess of it decade after decade, I would hand the entire immigration portfolio to a democratically elected Assembly of First Nations; ergo anyone calling that move racist will belie their own racism. If the AFN says no more whiteys, I'm good with that, if they say no more anyone, even better. Of course it wouldn't change the fact of democracy, that everything is subject to change by 'the people', and if the people hand the responsibility to them, then ultimately it could all change back too. Remember democracy is more about deposing governments than electing them.

But with this whole fiscal mess we're in, we simply can not afford to confer the rights of Canadians on the whole world, as if to say everyone has a 'right' to come here and become a citizen. That's just stupid costly nuts. Just say 'no', ffs.

But if we really do need a certain number of immigrants then, after the 5-year moratorium on immigration to lay out our 100-year plans for waste management and mountain building, let us adopt the orphans of the world. Let's give these kids some hope. They can be adopted by Canadian families of their own ethnicity, but not necessarily, if we don't want to discriminate (with severe penalties, i.e., hard time, for anyone who would adopt a child to be their personal slaves) and these kids would grow up here and come to know Canadian values through our education system and not come as grown-ups with their own sets of conflicts and prejudices, and because they're orphans there are no elderlies to come along and further tax our medical care system. I would hope the Assembly of First Nations would see the good in this idea and promote it for a brighter future in a united Canada.

Sorry about that huge digression, but in the big picture all things are related.

Make everything charitable (doesn't everything need funding?) Research, education, amateur sports, the arts; create an atmosphere where everyone will feel like they ought to give. The existing charities ought to get together to lobby for this. And if it came into being wouldn't charities not have to spend so much in hooking your next dollar, and isn't the fact they do the number one detriment to giving in the first place? And charge the media with the responsibility of exposing charities that waste your money on administration and advertising and sponsorship campaigns.

Sorry for subjecting you to the rantings of a lunatic. This world just drives me crazy sometimes.

Certainly calling for this much needed paradigm shift will get me locked away. :?P
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