CBC wants you to know that

Gangster Jonathan Bacon was 'a nice kid'

Jonathan Bacon wasn't always a bully or thug, say those who knew the notorious gangster back in high school, long before he embarked on a life of crime.
He was a mild-mannered youth, they add, a nice kid, an athlete with lots of friends.


Gangster Jonathan Bacon was 'a nice kid' - British Columbia - CBC News

Yeah, most adults were once 'nice kids' but thanks for the info guys.

The CBC along with a multitude of radio stations private and public have been making
those statements all day. The media is merely reporting statements made by people
who knew him in high school. Further to that, what the hell happened to this man?
He was a good student apparently he participated in school events so he wasn't a loner,
and he was a success in some of the sports he participated in. Instead of slamming the
CBC or the other media, we should be trying to determine what went wrong. Not to make
it alright what he did, but perhaps if we could discover the avenue to the destructive path
we could prevent countless other troubled kids from venturing down it.
I wonder if this is an attack on CBC or is that the only station you watch?
The reason I ask is I have been listening to radio all day and for hours I heard it over and
over on few stations today.
What is the relevance of CBC carrying the story and the private media doing so?
I would suggest most news directors believed it was newsworthy. Personally having been
a news director many years ago, I don't think it deserved the coverage it got, but it was a
story with some value and it gives another side to understanding what we are dealing with.
Personally, DG........I don't really give a darn what this person was like back when. I appreciate your more humanistic views - I simply don't share them as applied to this particular person.
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In order to understand what we are dealing with and having an accurate picture of what is to
be done, we need to know all of the facts including the personal ones. I don't think this guy
is a nice guy either, but if we can learn more about these people good and bad we have more
ways to confront the situation we are dealing with.
I live in Kelowna, and I believe there is a lot more to come. These individuals are moving out
of the lower mainland and heading our way and we have to be prepared to nip this in the bud.
Knowing he was once much different, lets us know how they operate behind the scenes.
Public opinion is based on perception not always fact.
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