4 Murderers of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri in 2005 indicted by UN tribunal Funny thing is they are all Hezbollah -

If these were Isreali's indicted demonstrations would ocurr in every major city in the world. But terrorists like Hezbollah get a pass- may upset the region.
These demonstartorations would call for every type of action possible and impossible But then again we hold Jews to a higher standard of morality than Arabs. Why is that Because that is what our expecations are of Arab countries.

And that is in itself part of the problem We hold Isreal to a higher standard than their Arab neighbors.

BBC News - Hezbollah suspects to be tried over Rafik Hariri (external - login to view)

Link to the indictment

https://www.stl-tsl.org/x/file/TheRe...led_EN.pdf.pdf (external - login to view)