Rioters leave Tottenham, North London in flames over shooting of 'gangster'

Twenty-six police have have been injured - some seriously - in overnight riots that took place in North London.

In scenes which looked like the devastation of the Blitz, buildings, police cars and buses were set ablaze in Tottenham.

One building, which had stood since 1920 and survived the Blitz, was turned into a gutted shell.

There have been no known fatalities just yet, but it's feared that many of the burnt buildings may contain bodies.

Inferno: Flames rage through a building in Tottenham, North London, with fire crews prevented from tackling it in case they were attacked by rioters

Fire fighters attempt to put out one of the many blazes that were started last night in a night of anarchy

The riots - which took place nearby Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane stadium - were caused by the shooting dead by police of 29-year-old Mark Duggan on Thursday, and broke out just agfter a peaceful protest by Tottenham residents over the shooting.

There were reports of looting amid scenes reminiscent of the violent unrest in the same area 26 years ago when PC Keith Blakelock was hacked to death.

More than 100 officers and specialist riot police faced crowds of more than 500 people protesting about the death of Mr Duggan, who lived on the estate and was described last week by police sources as a ‘gangster’. The riots were the worst in Tottenham since the Broadwater Farm riots of 6th October 1985 which were triggered by the death of of Cynthia Jarrett, an African-Caribbean woman who died the previous day from a stroke during a police search of her home. PC Keith Blakelock was murdered during the riots, the first police officer since 1833 to be killed in a riot in Britain.

The residents of Tottenham, a lot of whom are black, have long believed that the police specifically target black youths.

Twitter riot: A red London double decker bus burns as riot police try and bring rioting under control in Tottenham late last night

Tottenham MP David Lammy on TV this morning condemning last night's violence
Senior political figures were united in their condemnation of last night's unrest.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: 'I condemn utterly the violence in Tottenham last night. Such disregard for public safety and property will not be tolerated, and the Metropolitan Police have my full support in restoring order.

'I want to pay tribute to the officers who put themselves in harm's way.'

Labour's David Lammy, the Member of Parliament for Tottenham, was at the scene this morning. He said: ‘What happened here on Thursday night raised huge questions and we need answers.

‘The response to that is not to loot and rob. There are homeless people standing back there. We have officers in hospital, some of whom are seriously injured. It's a disgrace. This must stop.’

Stand-off: Rioters wearing bandanas confront police officers. The trouble saw 26 policeman injured and eight taken to hospital

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: 'I'm appalled at the scenes of violence and destruction in Tottenham. The Acting Commissioner has assured me that the police are doing everything they can to resolve this situation. The events leading to these disturbances are rightly being investigated by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission).

Harming people and property will do nothing to facilitate the investigation, it will only make the situation worse.'

There was concern that the disturbances were fanned by Twitter, with some of those taking part posting inflammatory comments from the scene and calling for reinforcements.

One picture of a police car on fire in the area was re-tweeted more than 100 times on the social networking site within an hour.

Brutal: An injured policeman is tended to by his colleagues and a paramedic in a night that saw 26 officers and three members of the public hurt

Mr Duggan was shot by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s CO19 unit on Thursday evening after the minicab he was travelling in was stopped. There was an apparent ‘exchange’ of fire and a bullet was found lodged in a police radio.

Mr Duggan died at the scene and an officer was injured, but left hospital after treatment.

The violence last night started soon after a crowd of about 120 had begun to gather at the High Road, near Tottenham Hotspur’s football ground, from about 5.30pm.

One resident told the BBC that the violence started after a 16-year-old girl who tried to talk to the police was hit with batons.

The morning after: Bricks and debris from the previous night's riots litter High Road in Tottenham, North London
The rioters' target was the police station which was being guarded late last night by lines of officers and police vans. As the disorder spread, and the numbers of demonstrators swelled, two police cars being used to block the road were set ablaze by masked youths.

Flames began to billow from a shop and then a double-decker bus was engulfed in flames and quickly reduced to a twisted shell.

Witnesses also reported seeing a jewellery shop and a bookmakers being looted. Teenagers and younger children were seen carrying valuables through the shattered glass front of an electrical shop.

Windows were smashed at a Barclays Bank and pictures on Twitter appeared to show the building being looted. There were also reports that youths had stormed McDonald’s and had started frying their own burgers and chips.

Footage was posted on YouTube of local solicitor’s office Attridge on fire.

Resident David Akinsanya, 46, who was on the scene, said: ‘It’s really bad.

There are two police cars on fire. I’m feeling unsafe. It looks like it’s going to get very tasty. I saw a guy getting attacked.’

Devastation: The peaceful vigil over the death of Mark Duggan quickly escalated into a full-scale riot in which huge amounts of damage was caused. Fire crews spent hours bring the flames under control

A local woman, who declined to give her name, said: ‘There’s a theory going on that the man who was shot had dropped his gun, but they still shot him.

Burnt to a shell: This building, dating from 1920 and yards from Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane stadium, was completely gutted by fire and this morning was still smouldering. Fire crews reported suffering verbal abuse from rioters
I’m hearing that most of the shops in the High Road are being burgled and robbed.’

Several fire crews could only stand ready nearby as they were barred from the High Road where buildings and the bus were ablaze.

Victim: Mark Duggan, shot by police in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, on Thursday

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You'er not suposed to shoot policemen,the other policemen take a dim view of such activity and sometimes retaliate.
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Rioters leave Tottenham, North London in flames over shooting of 'gangster' (???)

I read through the O.P. and found the title somewhat misleading. Sound's
like it was a peaceful vigil until:

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One resident told the BBC that the violence started after a 16-year-old girl who tried to talk to the police was hit with batons.

I love the way Brits slander anarchists. The outcome was chaos, not anarchy. Just another police riot blamed on people who were being peaceful. If anarchists started the riot, by their reasoning, the cops are the anarchists, just like in TO.
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