paltry winnings at FIFA women's world cup

Below it says the 2011 FIFA Women winners get $1 million per team, divided by players, coaches, trainers etc, it's likely way less than $50,000 each. Not much for a billion dollar organization where the executives get much more. The women should start their own organization.

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Too bad there aren't any posts here yet! I think Canada, even though it's not much of a soccer country, needs to get with it! And I also agree that the women should start their own organization. Nevertheless, I will say that the final was as good of a match as any men's game I've seen. So, perhaps we're just in the process of advancing women's status in soccer, which is looooong overdue!
Women could start their own organization here, since, unlike men, they don't have any big time professional leagues. Women at the world championships really could use the money and should get much more. Now is the time for them to start their own organization and keep those billions for themselves the fat old guys take away from them.

The women players are the assets and content providers, not FIFA. FIFA is just a middleman and can be eliminated. This is one area where women ought to strike out on their own and create a transparent organization.
I think the Spanish men's team EACH received as much as the whole Japanese team did.. maybe more. But the revenues from the ticket sales and global media are likely 20 to 30 times that received by the WWC.

In Germany, which has one of the few Women's Professional Soccer Leagues.. the games average 900 spectators, with no TV coverage.. compare that to the 30 - 40 thousand spectators for Bayern Munich and a global broadcast franchise. It might not be fair.. but don't blame it on some conspiracy at FIFA.. it just the economics of women's sports.

I watched quite a few of games, and found them entertaining.. and they had a great Final. I think it will go up.. but it'll never match the World Cup.
Women's soccer has to be built differently from the men's game. The men's game is huge, the women's game isn't. However, worldwide TV sponsorship means millions of dollars, and the assets on the field that are earning the money, are getting far too little.

Women's soccer leagues around the world won't be on the financial scale of the men's game any time soon, but there ought to be a few dozen women soccer millionaires after each new WFIFA tournament. Their game would grow I bet.

A big question is whether in the soccer countries the coaches and bureaucrats who run the sport-who are largely men, will let women make far more money than them. This will likely create plenty of new jobs.
The workers wresting control from management? Who knew this forum has such a red streak!
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The workers wresting control from management? Who knew this forum has such a red streak!

There are some people who have been so oppressed for so long they think it's normal. Time for the chicks to seize an opportunity.
In the porno biz, it's the chicks that make the most dough, not the men. WFIFA would be based on the same model. And so if the NHL, we pay to see the players, not the coaches, managers, or owners.

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