Xtreme Weather & Natural " events."

Ocean Breeze
Oppressive heat blankets much of Canada

Oppressive heat blankets much of Canada - Canada - CBC News

Strange weather is an understatement. Even locally....... no genuine hint of summer yet. If there actually was a spring... it must have been fleeting or not recognizable. Had a few hrs of intense / xtreme heat and if that is an example what is coming.....it is very unpleasant and can result in serious health issues.

(saw a documentary on History channel about the Egyptian empire and how it came to an end. Seem there were extreme weather events, many many wars going on and finally Egypt could not afford the wars or anything else. They had no funds to cope with the humanitarian crisis created by both the wars and the natural elements and things went from grim to grimmer.

There seem to be a lot of similarities between that era and what is happening at the moment. Not to be dramatic.... but some thoughtful examination of such patterns seem warranted.

Weather watch has taken on a whole new meaning on a whole new level.
Didn't have a spring and aren't getting much of a summer here either. We've had so much rain the ground never has a chance to dry between downpours. The sun is actually shining at the moment but the temp is in the very low teens after a huge downpour last night. It rained so hard I thought it was hail coming down at first.
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