Bogus aboriginal tobacco rights promoted by afn

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At the G8 most of the violence was instigated by the police. How would you go about stopping that?

It's not the same thing. The police at the G8 Summit in Toronto were out of line and while I haven't followed the story, some were punished. I remember a headline I saw on the news about that from the Toronto Star, it said, "Is this close enough for you chief?" Because the police chief used the lame excuse cops couldn't be identititied so they couldn't be charged. The police also showed on TV weapons they were not confiscated.

This crap shouldn't be allowed either, no one is above the law. That's the theory, it does not always occur in practice, but it's called democracy and equality. Traditional socieities don't believe in it. Aboriginals want their cake and eat it too. They like the modern cake, oh yes, that tastes very nice, but still say they're traditional. Laughable.
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When did we start talking about people from India?


..... can do business like everyone else, but they have to pay the same taxes as everyone else. Organized crime is rife in the tobacco trade, because it's illegal

Tobacco is still a legal product and so is its trade.... the only reason why people seek out cheaper smokes is simply because it's cheaper, because people are sick of paying for a legal product that is taxed by a insane amount.


, so big surprise, it gives Indians a bad reputation.

^ This is an Indian

^ This is a Native (American)

^ These are Inuit (Native Americans who generally live in the Arctic Areas)

Figure it out you friggin ignorant racist.


If this is what they want, they will be hassled, fined, and jailed, just like anyone else who breaks the law.

I do not agree with letting the tax base shrink, and letting Indians sell contraband cigarettes, shrinks the tax base.

They're only contraband if "YOU" buy them from them..... if you buy them, then you're the one breaking the law, not them.


This means I willI have to pay more taxes for services and I will never agree with that. Big corporations pay taxes, they assist the tax base. They legally hire, and pay benefits to thousands of employees. These law abiding employees have to worry about criminals stealing their tobacco and reselling it.

Stealing "Their" tobacco?

Gee, I can't imagine a bunch of Native Ninjas sneaking through a back window of Big Corp Tobacco and looting them of all their tobacco late at night.... I never realized how big of a problem this was. *gasps*

Here's some more education for you:
CBC News In Depth: Smoking

"On February 28, 2003, major Canadian tobacco company JTI-MacDonald Corp. and some of its former executives were charged with fraud after an investigation into alleged smuggling of cigarettes in the 1990s.

RCMP laid charges against the company, accusing it of supplying the Canadian black market with Canadian-blend tobacco products manufactured in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Police laid six counts of fraud against JTI-MacDonald Corp., formerly known as RJR-MacDonald, Inc., and several of its subsidiaries, alleging the companies conspired to defraud the governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec out of $1.2 billion in tax revenue between 1991 and 1996."

And some more information:

Tobacco firms to pay $550M over smuggling
Tobacco firms to pay $550M over smuggling - Canada - CBC News


I read in the paper a while back, a tobacco salesman had a sign put on his car, which was carrying tobacco, that he and/or his family would be hurt unless he gave up the tobacco he was carrying. The police must strongly enforce the law and reduce the amount of contraband tobacco in the country. Contraband tobacco encourages crime and violence, so it has to be stopped.

Nice little story with no source backing it up for us to know any further details. Was it ever noted who put this note on his car?

Based on your limited details, it could have been some evil gang smuggling smokes..... or it could have been one of those anti-smoking nut jobs thinking he's killing people with his evil product.
Then the police ought to arrest the buyers of these contraband cigarettes. That would help eliminate this market. All they need to do is situate a cop where they are sold and that could end it.

The corporations who did the illegal acts must be punished.

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