Nature Playing Havoc on the Planet

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I'm glad summer is back to normal.

Is it a cool summer up there?
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Or maybe they use "god" as an explanation for things they don't understand. (on a scientific / logical basis ) Metaphors have usually been the fall back position for lack of knowledge.

In the meantime, even the basic weather patterns are not following what used to be "normal" trends. Don't recall July being this coldish... This is not "summer " weather as we have known it .

The only thing 'normal' on earth is change.
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Is it a cool summer up there?

Cool today at 77 for a high under a Severe T-Storm watch. I had to drive through a super cell twice yesterday on a quick trip to just into Alberta and back. I missed the hail and tornados but got a free truck wash and now the front end is bug free. Back up to low 80's tomorrow and up to low 90's for the weekend.

How is your summer?
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Gee Whiz, would you be talking about the wars like the one that defeated the Nazis?

Probably not...the US was late to the party (poor choice of words) in that one. OB has an American-centric obsession for all the things wrong in this world...clinical even!

Wars are a human trait, to single out Americans is retarded. Our closest evolutionary cousins go to war with neighbouring troops.

It would be great if there were no such things as conflict....but life is hard wired for conflict.

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