Ontario to Relax Liquor Laws

It looks like Ontario will be more flexible in allowing for drinking in public,etc. One thing that bothers me is that it still allows the police to define what constitutes allowable conduct on a case per case bases.

This "judicial" liberty extended to these law "keepers" on Ontario's part voids the change, since no one can determine the limits of behavior that is expected of him within the broader definition of the law.

This built-in ambiguity is commonly known has "gray zoning" and is typical in sub-democratic parliamentary style systems. Another such give away is the over use of "notwithstanding clauses" in their constitutions. I'm no lover of a lot of the things the US does, but I admire their determination, evidence their unambiguous constitutional laws, to state exactly what the citizen is allowed.

Another is, why can't we have comparative statistics from other countries to help us to know the statistical goals these laws are trying to reach?. Who knows, maybe a potential new emigrant would find out what kind of strict intolerant puritans we are and decide he has it better at home. It would seem the current conglomerate of liquor laws in this country are a sign of a greater plan for prohibition altogether.

As for myself, I recall a few Italian and French weddings in Europe that were wonderful events. In fact they lasted to the wee hours of the morning and everyone had a great time. Some were even passed out on the steps. There were some boisterous occasions and drunken disputes too, but no one saw these has "criminal" behavior.

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I love this kind of stuff. In Vancouver it is okay for poor people to steal shopping carts, which cost hundreds of dollars each. The police just drive by. It is okay to smoke pot as long as you don't bother anyone-be discreet. But, don't be caught having a quiet beer in public. Yet drinking a beer in public in done around the world and evidence of a collapse is just not there. Weird eh.

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