Guys Who Made Phone Fish Finder Get A Million Dollars On Dragons' Den

Jim Treliving, the friendly Dragon, shakes Chester Yeum's hand at the tail-end of their pitch after they agreed to one million dollars for 33% of FishHunter Kayak Fish Finder (external - login to view) company..

In October 2015, Season Ten of CBC's Dragons' Den, Episode Two detailed Canadian fishing technology developed by Michael Smith and Chester Yeum at their lab in Mississauga.

Their smartphone controlled sonar fish finder and accompanying fishing app was painstakingly tested and tweaked by users over the last two years; there's talk about FishHunter on Alberta Outdoorsmen (external - login to view), and a couple different Ontario fishing forums (external - login to view). .

In September the duo unveiled their fifth product innovation which is very sophisticated and has patent pending innovations like 3D directional casting and other cool features - but of course this occurred after filming. Remember they taped the show back in March when the Mark V prototype was nearing completion, but not done yet.

The new gadget is designed and built with kayak fishing in mind. Unlike other Dragons' who expressed reluctance to fund the team's 'past mistakes', as Dragon Michael Wekerle rather cynically labeled their R&D to this point, Jim sensed that the portable sonar product had finally arrived and he 'got hooked'.

See more at: Kayak Fish Finder Duo Gets A Million Bucks On Dragon's Den | Backbone Magazine (external - login to view)
Cool. Another gadget to catch fishermen(and women).
I believe most Canadians are unaware of just how much innovation, technology and how many inventions came from Canada. Some were homeruns, others like this one are probably just singles. But hey, at least they're on base (maybe).
bill barilko
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Nice idea but not many fishermen will buy them-who wants to risk an expensive smartphone/expose it to the damp and hard knocks common aboard boats (Yes even kayaks) when a cheap off the shelf sounder (external - login to view) will do the same thing?
Except for a few rich yuppies who would fish off a kayak anyway?
Perfect for weekend warriors.......
bill barilko
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslaveView Post

Except for a few rich yuppies who would fish off a kayak anyway?

Sit on top Kayaks are all the rage in some circles-think of all the money you can spend accessorising the thing!


Since when is fishing about actually catching fish? That was always just a bonus.

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