The year is 2015, and bar trivia games now require users carry smartphones and surf the internet for answers.

Cloud Warriors compensates the first players to paste the correct answer on a Twitter Wall.

Cloud Warriors is competitive cloud services in a dance club (external - login to view) and its probably the only time that its socially acceptable to be on your phone, ignoring your friends and family, live tweeting from your seat in the restaurant.

The first Cloud Warriors event debuted 24th Feb 2015 at Cagney's in Mississauga (external - login to view) and $700 in cash and prizes was dispensed over twenty questions to two dozen players in the crowded pub. Even the bartender entered the fray, and won a couple of the challenges.

Two dozen competitors struggled to answer difficult questions, and after using their phones to find facts they raced each other to be first to tweet the correct reply with the #cloudwarriors hashtag. The first correct reply to appear on the Twitter Wall (set to only display Tweets with the requisite #cloudwarriors hashtag) won the cash, which in many cases was accompanied by tasty menu items, free drinks and other sponsor gifts.

The questions were about food stuffs, friends of the pub, local politicians, neighbourhood sports teams and interesting current events, The grand prize was donated by TeraGo Cloud Services Canada (external - login to view), and was an IdeaWorX WiFi antenna which will help the winning Cloud Warrior find open networks up to a half mile away from his or her home of office or whichever bar they are competing! Read more about how the winner won on Arob12.blog.ca (external - login to view)

Surround Digital marketing agency (external - login to view) designed and owns the game, and is looking to take it on the road.

The event builds up neighborhood pubs online as it supercharges their social media communities and can triple a host venue bar sales for a night. This tale on Digital Journal about Cloud Warriors (external - login to view) nicely summarizes so many of the moving parts in this story.

Do you know a pub or restaurant that would like to host this attraction in 2015? Message me to let me know
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