Officer selfies too sexy for NYPD

Officer selfies too sexy for NYPD
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First posted: Wednesday, December 03, 2014 01:24 PM EST | Updated: Wednesday, December 03, 2014 01:38 PM EST
Some New York City police officers are in trouble for posting sexy photos of themselves on Instagram, reports the New York Daily News.
Several female officers posted photos of themselves in sexy outfits next to photos of themselves in uniform on the blueline_beauties account.
Another posted a selfie with her lips pursed while still in uniform, the newspaper reported.
NYPD investigators said although officers are allowed to share selfies on social media, they aren't allowed to appear in uniform except for photos taken during official ceremonies.
A police department spokesperson told the Daily News that the rules "are intended to protect officers from divulging identifying information on social media sites that may endanger officer safety."
The account has been taken down and the officers could be docked up to 10 vacation days as punishment.
Their names have not been disclosed.
Investigators are reportedly looking through the blueline_beefcakes Instagram account to see if any male officers are also violating the rules.
Officer selfies too sexy for NYPD | World | News | Toronto Sun
I wouldn't mind being cuffed by the first. The rest are just average. This should be in the "stupid cop" thread
One's wearin a the US.

Christ! What's happening to the world ?
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Too bad they didn't just kill somebody. Then they'd be heroes.
Weird. Seems fine to me.
Make up for that lost vacation pay by murdering someone. You'll get several paid weeks off, plus Klan donations.
captain morgan
... Just as long as you're not one of them white-hispanics.... They don't fit in with the Klan, or the Black Panthers or anyone else.

They are truly discriminated against
Arrest me, baby

Hmmm... Maybe I should get some cuffs for us.

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