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    Zan     Dec 18th, 2008
    Hi there Thomascollins and welcome to Canadian Content. First off, yes actually, you do need to acquire about 25 posts before you have access to private message functions... this is just an anti-spam feature... you should find 25 relatively quick to reach if you become active here.
    As for your request, we've discussed it in the staff forum, and feel that in time, after you've participated in some political discussions and let the members and staff get to know you a bit better, you could approach the site owner (Andem) for permission to promote your site in the political forums. It's ultimately his call on what links are allowed when it comes to promoting causes etc...
    Until then however, you are certainly at liberty to post the link in your profile and/or your signature.
    Again, welcome and hope to get to know you better!
    thomascollins     Dec 17th, 2008
    Hello to Everyone in this forum.
    I've been working on a project for some time now because I'm
    unsatisfied with the options that were on the table vote wise, in the
    last number of federal elections. I'm determined to see this through before I
    die. I want my Sons, Daughters, and Grand Children to have a better
    political system to live in than it is now! I've lived in Canada for
    over 50 years now and watched a lot of politicians operate. I've
    voted for both Conservatives and Liberals in the past at the federal
    and provincial levels. I've seen few at their best and most at their
    worst. It just gets you down.
    What I've really noticed lately is the younger generation not wanting
    to bother with the whole thing. Can you blame them? With what's
    gone on with scandals and out right lies over the years it's no
    wonder. Politician has become a dirty word in Canada. Young voters
    and even older voters hardly know or want to bother with a system
    that frustrates you on a regular basis.
    Our Government needs accountability. Politicians need the bar raised.
    Our Government needs an overhaul, modernization. IE online voting
    just to mention one thing.
    We need something new. A fresh approach. A party that addresses
    these issues and more, without going off into the fringes.
    I think I have the answer. Check out www.canadian-alternative.com
    and see what you think.
    If your like me then Join Up and we'll get this party humming fast
    before the next election, and start making a difference for the


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      Kitchener, Ontario
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      The Best Is Yet To Come!
      Taken from Mr. Rogers RIP
      I own and operate a small electrical electronic wire harness manufacturing facility since 1991. I am one of the original founders of the Canadian Alternative Members Party (CAMP) www.canadian-alternative.com


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