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Bar Sinister     Jul 15th, 2017
Hi back.
Corduroy     Jun 25th, 2017
I've lived all around the city. Never in Kits or Kerrisdale though.
Vanni Fucci     Mar 14th, 2012
Hey Breeze, yeah I've been part of the Bright movement for a few years now my involvement consisting mostly in reading the newletters they send me, but still, my name is on the roster
In Between Man     Oct 31st, 2011
Hi OB! I haven't been to Prince George in years! I would love to go visit one day. I like reading your posts too! We've had a couple of good debates so far! Thanks for stopping by my wall, have a great night! Alley
CDNBear     Sep 1st, 2011
"It" was out of line?

The bulk of your posts are out of line.

From generalizing the US, to blind and direct insults.

You should practice what you cry about more often.
shadowshiv     Aug 4th, 2010
Wow! Here's a name I haven't seen here in a long time! How are you doing?
gopher     Dec 14th, 2007
Ocean Breeze --- where are you ?

This forum has not been the same since you left. True, you check in once in a while. But that is not enough.


peace ...

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