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  • Dec 17th, 2015
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    The Wall

    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    That is very bad. Very, very bad, lol.
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    Are you kidding? I'm surrounded by teachers, they know how to discipline you!
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    No shenanigans! Serious business only.
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    It'll definitely be liveier....more staff there. All in all, I think it'll be good. Campus is beautiful.
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    Oh I'm just tired of all boxes right now, lol. Moving isn't fun!
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    It feels earlier, lol. I'm just tired of cardboard and boxes, lol.
    SLM     Dec 17th, 2015
    Yeah it was good. Kinda tired, need to go in for 8:15 tomorrow but it was good.
    AnnaG     Sep 21st, 2015
    So, you spend your free time here? Masochist, huh? lol
    AnnaG     Sep 17th, 2015
    Yeah, I noticed the absence of page-long posts. Not that I read much of any of them but my mouse doesn't have one of those wheel things so scrolling for kilometer after kilometer of BL posting to get to an interesting post was a pitb. lol
    Hope you and yours have been faring well the past few years. =)
    AnnaG     Sep 13th, 2015
    I probably will. I think I can deal with BL's and MHz's crap a bit better than before. =)


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