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    darkbeaver     Aug 3rd, 2016
    I hope you're enjoying your evening BL, you do a very good visit to the UK for those of us who have never been. I enjoy your subject your humour and your tough hide.
    Tecumsehsbones     Jun 27th, 2016
    Nice job against Iceland, loser.
    B00Mer     Jun 21st, 2015
    What a racist dumb-azz attacking Muslims on their day of worship. You have shown your true colours Blackleaf. I will never have respect for you as a person again.
    B00Mer     Apr 14th, 2014
    Goober     Dec 30th, 2013

    Now you are threatening to physically harm members- It takes time on a forum, some are quick about it, some like yourself take longer to show what type of an insecure little man you are.
    You want to threaten someone- Threaten me.
    eh1eh     Dec 12th, 2010
    Warmest wishes for the Christmas Holidays dude. I know you're only here doin' your PR job but it adds some good ol' Brit colour.

    Thanks, cheers, Mike.
    Johnnny     Apr 14th, 2010
    if i really cared about Britian and its problems id log onto a british forum....... Real talk
    Richardfan     Jan 25th, 2010
    Poor Richard, (Richard 111) so maligned throughout history!
    staceyhaines     Feb 5th, 2009
    My thoughts are with you Uncle Bob, i really miss you, wish i could have seen you before you left us.... Love you always xxx

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