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karrie     Sep 9th, 2010
lol. Yeah, I laughed over the audacity of the request in the first place. That doesn't go over too well in North America. "Hey, do you know a stranger who will vouch their money for me?" lol.
karrie     May 26th, 2010
I say you ought to start a thread with pics.
karrie     May 26th, 2010
well yeah silly... you didn't have far to go for 'ripped'. lol.
Rance     Apr 25th, 2010
i have to agree that the zulu,s wernt the villains made out to be, they had the right to defend their land just like any other nation will, britain did like to impose their will on many a nations did they not, its a huge shame that it always came at such a cost to human life, how terrifying it must of been to have been present on that fateful day,respects to both sides, BUT" was it ever worth it ?
Johnnny     Mar 26th, 2010
I take back what i said about American Rednecks, their the same breed as us. Or mabye were the same breed as you guys...
Johnnny     Dec 23rd, 2009
thanks man, merry christmas
Johnnny     Dec 23rd, 2009
lets be friends eaglesmack, your cool ****
karrie     Nov 6th, 2009
Hey Eagle... I don't really care to jump into a debate so far gone already, but, I thought you might be interested in reading the articles on Wiki regarding Canadian and American censorship. It very directly compares the policies of both countries, and it's kind of funny to see some of the differences. Both are simply titled 'Censorship in _____', according to country. I always find the differences interesting. For example, it talks about the superbowl halftime incident with Janet Jackson. Here in Canada, there were tons of complaints filed over that halftime... most of them not because of JJ, but because a beer commercial that ran was overly sexist. lol.
Nuggler     Oct 9th, 2009
Thanks Eagle.
karrie     Sep 14th, 2009
psst... I caught you writing me a PM earlier, hoped for it, and it never came... wtf Eagle?


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