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    #juan     Nov 15th, 2007
    Hell, everybody else is writing here...Cheers Mike
    Canucklehead     Nov 13th, 2007
    interesting.. now he is gone again...

    and now you all know why I am a dog person hehe
    Canucklehead     Nov 13th, 2007
    where ever they want or not at all ... Bill the Cat is showing on both of your first posts, karrie... or at least he is on my screen LOL
    Zan     Nov 13th, 2007
    lol - we've been playing with posting pics on the walls. apparently it's their prerogative to appear wherever they want on the wall. smilies seem to work ok tho.
    karrie     Nov 13th, 2007
    the cat? I'm lost Canuckle.
    Canucklehead     Nov 13th, 2007
    hrmmmm very very perplexing...apparently the cat came back the very next post... or two. Weird
    Kreskin     Nov 13th, 2007
    Here comes Zan.
    Kreskin     Nov 13th, 2007
    I am a stalker Karrie. What can I say?
    Canucklehead     Nov 13th, 2007
    ack! graffitti!

    edit: bill the cat has disappeared

    karrie     Nov 13th, 2007
    Kreskin, don't be so creepy... how on earth did you manage to follow me into Canuckle's profile to post at the exact same time? CREEPY!


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