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    Mowich     Nov 18th, 2019
    Thank you so much for not responding to cannuck's posts on the CFL topic, Pete. I was so hoping no one would and so far so good.
    JLM     Sep 29th, 2019
    The "unread private message" has brought me here to the wall. Is something screwed up?
    mentalfloss     Mar 15th, 2011
    Sorry if I missed it - but what for?
    karrie     Mar 11th, 2011
    Sorry petros but we can't reverse those, only an admin can, and he hasn't been around for staff functions lately. I'll give you one to balance out the karma though
    petros     Feb 20th, 2011
    Oh hooray. Another Juan.
    darkbeaver     Feb 20th, 2011
    Due to the suspicious nature of #juans thread I am waiting for son O juan to show up
    mentalfloss     Feb 8th, 2011
    Just wanted to say your posts hit the sweet spot 97% of the time. Keep up the good work.
    Zan     Nov 8th, 2010
    lol - just saw yer post about the trap n'gill - I've been there a few times - never tried the fishn'chips - maybe I will next time.
    Goober     May 25th, 2010
    Time does goes to fast - My daughter came into my life when she was 10 - Now 28 - Life is good - and grandchildren do change you - they bring out that part that to many tuck away - the child part - meaning sense of wonder and fun - They show you a new sense of wonder.
    Goober     May 14th, 2010
    My little angel - Life is really good - Hope all is going the same with you and your loved ones.


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