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    Zan     Jan 18th, 2012
    Hey - I hear yer comin' to town! Looking forward to meeting the infamous MJ Preston!!
    El Barto     Jan 7th, 2012
    Just noticed the date today
    Have a great one
    Happy Bday
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Jan 7th, 2012
    Thanks Shiv!
    shadowshiv     Jan 7th, 2012
    Happy Birthday, Mark!
    gerryh     Jan 1st, 2012
    Happy New Year bud..... This year WILL be a much better year than last.
    bluebyrd35     Dec 27th, 2011
    Dear Retired, Personally, I believe we are all here to learn and sometimes the lessons are just horrible. Please accept my heartfelt wishes that the turning point has been reached. These days treatment of problems such as your son suffers from have come a long way and with much deserved good luck, perhaps he will come out of this unfortunate episode with very few lasting scars.
    bobnoorduyn     Dec 26th, 2011
    Sorry, I change my post after you saw it. I said things would get better, but they don't always. You have to work to make them better, and even still it may not be enough. Things did get better for me and mine, but it is still a journey with no known destination. Keep stong bro.
    In Between Man     Dec 25th, 2011
    Merry Christmas friend! You and your family are in my prayers for a real turn around from chaos to joy and prosperity in the new year!

    Cliffy     Dec 15th, 2011
    Mutton chops. Do you see very many guys wearing them? No. I get lots of compliments from the lassies, so, until spring, they stay. Winter is finally arriving today so it is going to pay off.
    Zan     Nov 28th, 2011
    Still holding your family in my thoughts, Mark.


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