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    Nuggler     Aug 27th, 2009
    G'day Hermite; seen yer pics.
    BTW, How wood yew spell "dispised"?.....see the country music thang.
    eyuk eyuk
    bitta cooler whether hear now
    Said1     Jul 27th, 2009
    I missed it, but the pod cast for today should be up tomorrow,so I'll catch it then!
    Said1     Jul 27th, 2009
    Is it CDC radio? Can I get it on-line?
    Spade     Jul 16th, 2009
    Thank you
    bluedog     Jul 14th, 2009
    Rather large hermitage there brother, must have been handed down for generations!
    lone wolf     Jul 14th, 2009
    Longtimenospeak. Isn't this the best way to thaw out a water pump?
    Nuggler     Jul 9th, 2009
    G'day, eh. How's things in the Near North? Still raining in the Near East.
    rufus     Jun 13th, 2009
    we are just in the process of planting our veggie garden. We have 10 flats of plants- tomato and 5 different types of peppers. I thought there were 24 plants to a flat which would make 240 plants but I was mistaken there are 48 plants to a flat which makes it 480 plants.(192 tomato plants)
    rufus     Jun 12th, 2009
    You can see our finished Butterfly Garden in my albums. As soon as all the plants bloom I will post the picture. There are 5 Butterfly bushes among other plants.
    rufus     Jun 9th, 2009
    Brutus is cute but he belongs to the neighbours. We are only dog sitting for a week.



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      I abandoned city life to dwell in the forest, live as close to the earth as possible, and leave a very small footprint. And it's A LOT of work.
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