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    Mowich     Nov 19th, 2011
    He came on the NHL forum after I posted about the Jets, Habs, and Leafs all winning tonight. I was happy for all of them. He is a Jets fan. I wrote him back that I was glad we could find something to agree on and so far so good. He is not going to go away but at least I don't have to dodge him on the NHL forum too. I still dodge him on everything else..
    Mowich     Nov 19th, 2011
    Thank you JLM. I did PM juan but have not got around to any of the others as they don't seem to post as often as you three.
    Mowich     Nov 19th, 2011
    Hi JLM;

    Sorry to bother you but I am passed being tired of Cannuck in the Canuck topic. I am completely ignoring him as he is spoiling the topic for me with all his stupid circular arguments. I PM'd Barbara about this too and am thinking of doing the same to TP and juan - maybe if we collectively decide to ignore him - he will go away. Whadda ya think?
    Goober     Aug 22nd, 2011
    Researchers Discover Underlying Cause of Lou Gehrig’s Disease – TIME Healthland

    Researchers report they've discovered a common cause of all forms of the fatal neurological disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease. The findings, published in Nature, point to a possible new avenue for treatment.
    In Between Man     Aug 19th, 2011
    Small world indeed! I was at site # 72. I can't believe how many birds of prey I saw in this area. We had a barred owl visit our site all 3 nights!
    In Between Man     Aug 19th, 2011
    I didn't realize that you live in Vernon! I just came back from camping trip at Mabel Lake outside of Lumby. Vernon and that area is just beautiful! I would love to move there one day!
    Tonington     Jul 27th, 2011
    I'll be checking your homework in the morning, here's some supplemental reading:
    Non sequitur - RationalWiki

    Retired_Can_Soldier     May 24th, 2011
    You're in Vernon? Hows the real estate prices up that way?
    AnotherMother     Apr 16th, 2011
    Guess I should rephrase that guess I do go on here and finally and learning to speak my mind. Even though on a totally random whim. I have read on here for the last two years off and on. Vancouver Island is the most beautiful place. I have been all over Canada. Saw the cold the snow find it amazingly funny that those I met from the States thought we were all snow and sand way up North eh.
    AnotherMother     Apr 16th, 2011
    Love the profile picture


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