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El Barto     Nov 15th, 2014
If your faith needs to be defended then it is not a worthy one to begin with.
El Barto     Nov 9th, 2014
Find a reason to hate , then use that hate as a reason for your opinion. That doesn't validate anything other than what you really are, a hateful person.
El Barto     Nov 1st, 2014
Funny how we hold others to standards we can not hold ourselves
El Barto     Sep 27th, 2014
If it is just text on a page then why do those that say that love to be in other peoples faces with their bigotry hate and rhetorics?

That is just a temporary excuse not a logic to post the crap they post.
Hence ... bull sh!t
El Barto     Aug 31st, 2014
Closed minded talking about the close minded , that gets pretty narrow
El Barto     Aug 31st, 2014
Never trust opinions from those who wear horse blinders
El Barto     Aug 31st, 2014
Laughable how those who posts in your face comments to get a reaction get all hiss about a thumbs down.
El Barto     Aug 20th, 2014
The smallest of objects can cast huge shadows. It is a matter of perspective. Same goes for personalities.
El Barto     Aug 20th, 2014
Religion and sexuality are private matters. I question those who continuously have to prove theirs to others.
El Barto     Aug 4th, 2014
One may wear many masks making themselves appear big , strong and fearless, but will expose their true self when they cry like a baby.

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    Lend pity to those whose minds are tethered to straight lines, like dogs never let loose from their running cable. For those who see life only in terms of right and left, religious or not, with me or against me. Theirs is a small world, caged in by their own preconceived notions. :Karrie

    With respect, we should all just tone it down a little.. Name calling is not necessary to get your point across. :Boomer lolol


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