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    Sal     Oct 17th, 2014
    Aw thanks Spammy....hope all is well with you.
    CDNBear     Oct 3rd, 2014
    Ya, they have some awesome stuff. I've followed a couple FN rap groups, but since my youngest got into shuffling, I've started to enjoy the club music too. There's some pretty cool FN artists out there.
    Cliffy     Sep 24th, 2014
    Thanks Spammy. That was interesting to wake up to. Was visiting with a medicine man friend of mine yesterday. Good timing.
    shadowshiv     Apr 28th, 2014
    Spammy, check your Youtube videos in the Hamster thread. Methinks you've got one that is "bad".
    Retired_Can_Soldier     Apr 11th, 2014
    All is good Spam.
    SLM     Jul 15th, 2013
    That was lovely. Of course, I'm in tears now, lol, but the "good kind" of tears. Because it was so beautiful.
    SLM     Jul 8th, 2013
    You're very welcome. It saddens me that anyone has to go through that, in that way. I'm very, very grateful, although it was so fast that it happened with my mom, that it was peaceful for her. It's abominable the way we treat the dying in this nation.
    SLM     Jul 8th, 2013
    How terrible! I'm so sorry she had to go through that, that you and your family had to go through that! You and your family have my deepest sympathies.
    Coddfish     Apr 30th, 2013
    Thanks for the message, old friend! Don't worry, I've had a good time at school, despite some issues here and there with my courses! Get my update thread, again! I got some marks up!
    Sparrow     Mar 29th, 2013
    Thanks for you wishes.


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