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    The Wall

    darkbeaver     Aug 13th, 2020
    and that from an acredited nutter expert
    Tecumsehsbones     Feb 28th, 2020
    Good luck with that.
    QAbones     Feb 28th, 2020
    Need 4 friends in CCF at least ...
    Colpy     May 29th, 2019
    Yeah, thanks....I'm sure it will achieve the desired aims as well. Unfortunately, I mean Trudeau's aims.

    Among other things, it gives the RCMP complete control of classification of firearms as prohibited, restricted, or non-restricted. And if they prohibit, they usually seize without compensation. And there is a drive to prohibit all handguns and "assault rifles". These people want a police state. Sorry for the rant.
    Hoof Hearted     Sep 29th, 2018

    We're cool...
    Hoof Hearted     Sep 29th, 2018
    Lots of water under the bridge between us, but just want you to know I still respect your thoughts and opinions.

    This place would be less balanced without your voice. Me being schizophrenic, and you being Native doesn't define who we are. If anything, adversity can create character.

    Not expecting you to ever respond to me again...just wanted to air that out.
    Colpy     Dec 2nd, 2017
    "Give him a couple of rocks to bang together. That'll occupy him for. . . well, the rest of his life."

    That is pure genius Man! I can't stop laughing. Kudos
    darkbeaver     Nov 12th, 2017
    I see you have no status yet.
    Ocean Breeze     Nov 3rd, 2017
    LOVE your sig.
    Mowich     Sep 29th, 2017
    This kid Lindley is doing a credible job as fill-in pivot for your RBs, Tec. They are ahead 11 zip with 3 minutes left in the 2nd. The score says tells the tale of my Rider's performance so far.

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